Nursery Consultancy


You are a nurseryman, a craftsman with a passion for plants.
You run a profitable business, but you have doubts about the future of your business.
Perhaps a changing market is forcing you to think about the future of your business or perhaps you are worried about the increase of your stock.
Such situations require a clear analysis and a decisive approach.
It would be nice to find someone who thinks like you, someone who understands business and also has the same passion for the job.
Personal, independent and reliable with the focus on remaining profitable, without losing direction.
We can we support you with a wide scope of business advice.
We therefore make use of a select team of experienced Dutch consultants, each specialising in their own field.
Our consultants have long term experience in managing a large Dutch based nursery, as well as an extensive experience in nursery consultancy both in the Netherlands and abroad.
For you as a nurseryman, we are your soundboard for questions about:

  1. Financial Management

We can assist you to draw
- operating and cash flow forecasts, tailored to variable seasonal patterns
- continuous insight into your future liquidity position
- concise result reports,  as a management tool for your business
- sound growth of stock levels and stock financing
- practical support for questions about propagation, fertilization, weed control etc.

Together with you we analyse your business: what is good, what is missing?
Using your and our expertise, we will support you in defining the objectives of your business and get your company on a new course.

Then we will discuss with you the roadmap for:
• making a business analysis
• identifying bottlenecks
• find solutions
• convert plans and recommendations into reality
• evaluate and follow any changes

2 . Specific Cultivation Advice

Should you have more specific questions about horticultural issues you encounter, for example, about weed control, propagation methods etc, we can advise you as well.
Our specialist for cultivation techniques has 23 years of experience in running his own 17Ha nursery, producing grafted shrubs and conifers, as well as ornamental trees.
In addition, he has 3 years of experience in consulting a large nursery in Eastern Europe.
Our specialist is familiar with the growing conditions in your climate zone, as well as (most importantly!) dealing with untrained staff.

How about a no obligations chat, to begin with?
Do you wish to exchange thoughts, to start with , without any commitment from your side.
Together talk about your goals and the position your company takes?
We will be pleased to share our knowledge and experiences with you.
Needless to say, absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

For more information please contact us.